Joan Stolove

Travel Specialist

Joan Stolove

Interests & Specialties
Specialties: Luxury Leisure Travel in the form of independent trips, customized tours, cruises and both usual and unusual destinations. For example, India, Myanmar, South Africa, Antarctica, the North Cape, Asia, Australia, New Zealand. Specialty Cruise Lines: Silversea's Cruise Line - more than 600 days sailed worldwide. Seabourn Cruise Line, Crystal Cruise Line and Regent Cruise Line.

Expert's Bio
I have been in the Travel Business since opening my own agency 35 years ago. When being an ‘owner' interfered with my travel, we sold our agency and have since made "travel" both our vocation and avocation! We began seriously traveling in the ‘60's and have never looked back. We have been to all 7 continents, every ocean, most countries, and have sailed on more than 150 cruises on all manner of vessels - barges, riverboats, sailboats, small cruise ships and large cruise ships. We have kept extensive notes on all of our trips and have the expertise to give both general and specific advice, sometimes even including beauty salons, restaurants, and certainly shopping! I am available whenever I am not traveling and researching new and better destinations! When I am "on a trip", I am competently backed up by Landmark Travel.

My Recent Trips
OH! WOW!! That's all we could say after experiencing Polar Bears "up close and personal" on an Expedition Cruise to the Arctic in July '08!!  


My arrival in Sydney, Australia coincided with the arrival of both Cunard Queens, the Mary and the Elizabeth, which was quite the occasion ‘down under', replete with fireworks, ‘in the buff' water skiers!

And a lovely encounter with a 'handsome' Kaola!

In 2014, a lovely trip to Chili and the amazing experience of going to Lake Titicaca!  The 2nd largest inland lake in the world at 14,000 ft.  A primitive native society still lives on the lake and practices their natural herbs and medicines all found around and in or on the Lake! 

Great adventures to be found all over this beautiful world!

Just ask us for active or sedentary or in between fabulous vacation trips tailor made to your desires!

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