Klari Collura, CTA

Travel Advisor

Klari Collura is a dedicated travel agent with a passion for exploring the world and creating unforgettable experiences for her clients. With a career in the industry starting in 2018, Klari has quickly established herself as a reliable and knowledgeable professional.

One of Klari's favorite destinations is Thailand, a place she has fallen in love with and visited six times. Exploring the vibrant city of Bangkok and experiencing the warmth of the Thai people have left a lasting impression on Klari. The beautiful weather and the calmness of the country make it a perfect destination for relaxation and cultural immersion.

After embarking on an incredible year-long backpacking journey around the globe, Klari had the privilege of immersing herself in the enchanting cultures of Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. Spending four months exploring the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand and gaining firsthand experiences in Japan and Australia, she has garnered a deep appreciation and understanding of these remarkable destinations. These coveted countries often feature on the bucket lists of many travelers, and she genuinely loves offering clients the advantage of her firsthand encounters and expertise.

Klari's best travel advice is to simply go with the flow. Embracing the unexpected and getting lost in a new destination can lead to incredible discoveries and experiences that were never planned. This mindset allows for flexibility and opens up opportunities for unexpected adventures.

As a dedicated travel agent, Klari Collura is committed to crafting personalized and memorable trips for her clients. Her passion for travel, combined with her attention to detail and expertise, ensures that each itinerary is tailored to meet the unique preferences of her clients.

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